Multi Media/Eyes2007. 10. 7. 23:57
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I got a new hobby. That is taking a photo. I don't know well about Camera, but I am going to try it.

A girl just beside me, she is my girl friend. ^^ I guess everyone
are supprised about that I had a girlfriend.

I am going to upload many pictures here frequently. Thus, visit my website as many as you can. And make a comment!! ^^
Posted by namoney

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  1. Masa

    I am sure she is your sister. not girl friend!!

    I have lost your web site address when I changed my PC
    so I couldnt have contacted you

    see you later!!

    2007.10.08 22:14 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • hahaha welcome Masa. pretty long time no hear u~
      how's everything going?

      Are u not goin' to marry? ^^
      welcome u all the time~

      2007.10.09 21:28 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL ]