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  2. 안녕하세요. TISTORY입니다.

    너무 오랜만에 방명록에 전체 인사를 드리는 것 같습니다.
    화창한 날씨가 계속 되는 5월, 잘 지내시죠?^^

    갑작스런 방문 인사에 놀라신 분들도 계실 것 같습니다.
    11일부터 제공하게된 티에디션 기능을 소개하고 이벤트도 알려드리려 글을 남겨드립니다.

    관련 공지 :

    티에디션 기능도 이용해보고, 멋진 넷북을 받을 수 있는 기회를 놓치지 마세요~!


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  3. Go

    come to the universty of saskatchewan!! it is the cheapest university and city!! also i am surpervised by one of the best professor in a field of engineering. you should be able to find a favorite prof here. just think about it

    2007.10.21 15:56 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • Hey Man! Thanks for ur information.
      I am trying to get a job at the moment.

      But I have lots of interest to go to univ.
      abroad, so if I fail to get a job, let's talk
      about it later.

      In someday, I'll visit your city~
      Have fun and take care~

      2007.10.24 16:24 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  4. sevi

    Hi Namoney,
    Long time no see... I hope we can manage to get together somewhere again. I appreciate your tries at taking pictures. Enjoy your last days in the university. I am sure you have already made the most of it. I miss you.
    take care

    2007.10.10 04:08 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • Hey How're u doing???
      Welcome to my website, and hope you can
      enjoy everything.

      I am going to manage this web-site to make a
      place to meet all friends. Could you take
      a partispate in it? I miss u,too.

      2007.10.10 15:29 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  5. Go

    hey namwon!! update sometimes!! i miss your blog

    2007.10.05 00:30 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • sorry Man!! I've been too busy so far~
      How's everything going?
      Thank you for being interested in my web-sight even I don't care.. kekeke
      Come to Korea again! buddy~

      2007.10.08 17:46 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  6. Nico

    Hey Namwon!
    I finally took the time to leave a message on your blog, I hope everything goes well for you! I'm still travelling quite often for my job, I have already been twice to Vietnam this year, to Italy, england,.... no time to get bored ;) I hope I can come to visit you one day!

    Give some news when you have time!

    Take care,

    2007.07.12 03:52 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • Nico!! I really miss u and our time when we
      played squash... That was a great time, wasn't it? I am very happy to hear u that you had a great time of ur job!

      I hope I also can visit your country soon.
      Visit here again and leave some news for me.^^

      take care~

      2007.07.23 10:52 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  7. Paul

    Nam One.

    You are a crazy Corean. Nice pictures. You are very handsome.

    2007.06.18 18:28 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • Hey Man~ I was really glad to hear u again.
      I hope you become a great film maker in near
      future. ^^ Good Luck~

      2007.07.09 15:28 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  8. Masa

    ↓↓↓ fuckin' Naoki !!!!
    I was disappointed to your changes......
    Time flies

    hey Namone!
    you look fine
    i am glad

    let's do a girls's hunt again with N.

    be my guest

    2007.05.19 09:52 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • hey Masa~
      Welcome to my Blog, and I am really happy
      to hear you~ I miss you so~~ much ^^

      How have you been? Are u workin'?
      I am still student... It's terrible even
      Fumiya got a job!! --;;

      Plz visit again and give me your news~
      take care,

      2007.05.20 23:04 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  9. Naoki

    Hi Namwon. I missed you more than Masa!!
    How have you been??
    I've been studying to take some exams related to goverment officer. So I've been really trying hard. This is kind of last chance to me because of my age... But I'll do my best.

    I am surprised that Fumiya is still alive, by the way.. Just kidding!!
    Hope we can meet again someday and look forward to your latest news.
    Take it Easy!!

    2007.05.17 23:22 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • hey Naoki~ thank you for your visitation.
      even Masa didn't come, You were already here!
      I disappointed to Masa so much.. :)

      You have been doing really hard job, havn't you? I hope you do a great success with everything.

      plz visit again, and take care~

      2007.05.19 01:00 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  10. Madlaina Sigrist

    Hey Namwon

    Cool you have a own homepage? How are you? I still fine and here is everything oke, except the bad weather that we have at the moment. Today I have a job interview and i'm a little bit nervous. What are you doing at the moment?
    I let you know when I have other news.
    See ya
    Yours, Madlaina

    2007.05.15 17:53 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • Hey Lena~
      Really great to hear you~
      Every time I heard from you about job interview.. ^^

      Welcome to My Blog, and plz keeping visiting!
      I heard from David you're visiting Korea this year, are u?

      I am looking forward to it!!

      Take care,

      2007.05.15 22:55 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]