1. Fumiya

    hey Namwon! do you still remember me?

    i've been doing well since we met last time.

    and i got a job at the shipping corporation.
    that was what i relly wanted. so i am abosolutely happy!

    anyway i am very happy to know you look fine.
    please let me know how you are doing in Korea sometimes.

    please take care!

    2007.05.15 00:33 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • Unfortunately I still remember you..
      Just kidding.. You got a job!! it's so amazing
      ~~ Is there a company which accepted you?? ;;
      kidding again~ welcome to my Blog~
      plz come again and share your life~

      I am still busy in my university. I will
      give you a shout when I have good news~
      Take care~

      2007.05.15 01:12 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
    • Go

      You still alive??
      Kidding again hahaha

      2007.05.15 09:55 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  2. Go

    I can not read any...
    Write English diaries for your skills! :D

    2007.05.14 23:05 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • hey gosama, Thx for your visitation.
      I've made this blog recently.
      I'm going to upgrade into English step-by-step
      ^^ visit again and again ^^ Take care~

      2007.05.14 23:20 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]
  3. 이은경

    안녕 나몽^^
    혼자 이렇게 신기한 것두 만들구 대단해요~
    이 블러그 느낌도 괜찮구 좋다..
    활용 잘하면 좋을 거 같아.. 항상 옆에 있어 줘서 힘이나구 든든해요^^
    앞으로도 쭉~~

    2007.05.13 23:38 [ EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • 아직은 시간이 없어서 꾸미긴 힘들꺼 같고,
      차차 조금씩..^^ 앞으로도 쭉?? ㅋ

      2007.05.13 23:43 신고 [ EDIT/ DEL ]